New short film about repressed sexuality


A new short film directed by Henry K. Norvalls is telling the brutal story of repressed sexuality between 2 men who felt attraction to one another in the shower. The film has been released to considerable critical acclaim – named the top short film of the week by a specialist site. The Norwegian film shows one man in the shower when he overhears another person using the showers and heads off to investigate. It was not completely clear what the other man was doing but probably something wrong and the accidental witness of it told him that he could not do it there. But instead of feeling shame his new acquaintance asked him to watch or even to join in if he wants. And it was too hard to resist, but everything ends not as good as expected. Written and directed by Henry K. Norvalls and starring Svend Erichsen and Per Magnus Barlaug, the film is being touted as one of the most powerful new LGBT short films, highlighting the horrors which continue due to repressed sexuality.


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