Australian politician John Howard believes marriage equality to be against children’s rights


John Howard has told The Australian that he will vote against same-sex marriages in Australia as he believes they go contrary children’s right to have a mother and a father. He believes that being brought up n a same-sex family would be harmful for kids. Although scientists disagree with him about it. Australian Medical Association and the Australia Psychological Society said that there was no scientific evidence to prove that children of heterosexual families had better outcomes.

As Mr. Howard was an Australian PM he was the one who initiated the definition of marriage as a unity of one man and one woman. Howard added that marriage equality came with more implications and was not about a “single” right. He also called for the legislation to be produced before the survey ends. He said: “People are entitled to know there are sufficient protections for people affected by those changes and the public is entitled to know what those protections are.” The politician added that if the country were to vote “Yes”, other Australians would be given “scant regard”.


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