Daily Mail columnist said trans rights would lead to male burqas


Daily Mail columnist Richard Littlejohn had called LGBT activists ‘Nazis’ and claimed that accepting transgender students in schools would force boys to wear traditional Muslim female face and body coverings, noting the annual GQ Men of the Year Awards. “I’d have thought anything called ‘Men of the Year’ was about as welcome as a mouldy old jock-strap in this age of identity politics. Unless, of course, the Man of the Year award was won by a woman — or a transsexual. These days, anybody can pretend to be whatever they want to be — and woe betide anyone who gainsays them. This lunacy is a direct consequence of the deliberate policy of [Alastair] Campbell’s New Labour to divide and rule — carving up society into a gaggle of competing ‘victim’ groups based on race, gender and sexual preference,” he wrote, adding that he was sympathizing to people with gender dysphoria, but still it was not enough for those who, as he believes, are trying to destroy the concepts of man and woman at all. In part the journalist mentioned gender-neutral toilets that he feels to be everywhere. The writer also lashed out at John Lewis for removing ‘girls’ and ‘boys’ labels from its clothing. “Now education authorities have put hijabs for five-year-olds on the uniform list, it’s probably only a matter of time before some right-on retailer starts selling burqas for boys,” he writes.


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