Ellen thought of ending her career as her male colleagues turned their backs to her


The most iconic lesbian TV host of our time thought about quitting as a comedian due to her colleagues’ negative reaction on her. They used homophobic slurs and slammed women. They were unaware that there was a lesbian woman hearing them but for Ellen it did no sound less offensive. “There was a night in particular that there were two guys on before me and their stuff was very homophobic – slamming women in every kind of way. And no one knew that I was gay necessarily, it was just a very angry testosterone-filled crowd by the time I got on stage. The entire front row of guys got up and turned their chairs around and faced the audience. That was a night that I thought I would never do comedy again,” Ellen told TIME. And now she jokes that wherever those guys are now, the President had not awarded any of them with the Medal of Freedom, thus Ellen has been awarded with it last year.


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