Hadrian’s Wall builder was gay


One of the oldest and the most famous landmarks of the UK was built by a gay man. The site was built during the rule of the Roman emperor Hadrian (117-138 AD) to divide Roman-ruled England from the uncontrolled North and Scotland. The wall is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is believed that the man who built it was gay. The emperor Hadrian is said to have been in secret romantic relationships with Antinous. Historian E-J Scott explained: “The Wall was built with the might of 15,000 Roman soldiers, but it’s know widely acknowledged that Hadrian was enamoured with one soldier in particular. His name was Antinous, and to put it in modern terms, Hadrian was very much ‘out’ about it. When Antinous drowned in the Nile river under mysterious circumstances, Hadrian grieved publicly and made a deity of him. Many adopted him as their god. Evidence of his feelings for Antinous still flood the world today in the shape of marble busts of his likeness. It is thought that more representations of Antinous survive than any other figure in ancient history.”


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