Lesbian couple both give birth to kids whose biological fathers are married gay men


Mariely Martinez and her wife Carla Melendez asked their gay friends Juny Roman and Alex Torres to help them to become mothers and both succeeded. That’s a real happiness multiplied by 2! It was a principle position of the mothers not to use sperm banks. They wanted a child (they did not know they will both succeed and there will be two of them) to have a dad, even 2 dads, who will love and care about him or her. Both women wanted to carry a baby, but initially they had planned for Torres to father both children. However when they met his husband Roman, they changed their mind as they liked him and his personality believing he would be a perfect father too. On July 23 Martinez gave birth to a son, Matteo, fathered by Roman. A month later, on August 22, Melendez had a little girl, Marla, who is Torres’ daughter. Both will live with moms, but dads will take the most active part in their upbringing and there will be no limits for them to spend time with kids. “I think it’s good to let the world know that love is the more important thing in this world and it doesn’t matter where it comes from,” Melendez said.


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