LGBT activist found dead in San Francisco


Anthony Torres, also known by his gender-nonconforming drag ego “Bubbles”, was a DJ, artist and activist for the local LGBT+ community. He was murdered on Saturday, he was 44 years old. The police are yet to identify the suspect but there is no doubt it was a hate crime. Torres was playing music in a venue and some witnesses claimed that the shooter came from the New Century Strip Club opposite where Torres was playing and there was a quarrel before the shot. Friends and family of Torres told ABC that he and his drag persona were loved even by those who never talked to him personally. “People are just upset that Bubbles, who was somebody who was loved for his activism, for his art, and for how giving of a person he was would be targeted in a fashion of this and gunned down in these streets in the Tenderloin, which is a neighborhood that’s supposed to be accepting and supportive of transgender individuals,” his lawyer (who has also been his friend) told the police


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