Strictly Come Dancing star Susan Calman is offended by a scandal around her dance partner


The openly lesbian comedian feels offended as people criticized her for agreeing to dance with a man. She also complained that she was getting a lot more criticism than fellow competitor The Reverend Richard Coles who is also gay. “I think politically, there’s nothing more powerful than having an openly gay woman on the biggest show on television, whose wife’s on the front row, doing what she wants to do. For the gay community to criticise me and try to get me what they want to do is, I think, as difficult as suggesting the straight community are trying to. No one is holding me hostage in this room, making me wear a dress and dance with a man. I want to learn how to dance,” Calman added, explaining that her willing to dance is not a betrayal of her community.The criticism follows backlash that executives of the show faced last year for not allowing Will Young or Judge Rinder to dance with a same-sex partner.


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