Anti-gay activists say same-sex marriages discriminate against lesbian women

Lesbian wedding cake figurine

Anti-gay activists urge women to vote against equality. Especially lesbian women….. It is mind-blowing, so we have to repeat – they tell lesbian women to vote against their own right to marry. On their newly-launched ‘Transgender Marriage’ website, the group asks: “What does transgender marriage mean for women and lesbians?” They went on saying that ‘two men identifying as women’ (two transgender women) might marry one another entering the lesbian organizations and receiving all the privileges of cis lesbian women. First of all, lesbian women who are trans already have an access to the organizations alongside cis lesbians. Secondly, giving gays and lesbians a right to marry has nothing in common with dividing them into cis and trans. AFA insisted it would mean that “men socially identifying as women can access women’s shelters and gyms… play in women’s sports, like the AFL women’s competition and the Olympic women’s competition”. It is not connected with same-sex marriages but even if it was, what’s wrong with it?


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