Artificial Intelligence defining sexuality is dangerous, activists warn


Last week research from Stanford hit the news, saying that the most advanced artificial intelligence recognizes person’s sexuality by face. US LGBT+ advocacy organisations GLAAD and Human Rights Campaign, although, are not excited about it at all, saying it is incorrect, flawed and armful for the LGBT community around the globe.“Technology cannot identify someone’s sexual orientation. What their technology can recognize is a pattern that found a small subset of out white gay and lesbian people on dating sites who look similar. Those two findings should not be conflated,” said Jim Halloran, GLAAD’s Chief Digital Officer.“This is dangerously bad information that will likely be taken out of context, is based on flawed assumptions, and threatens the safety and privacy of LGBTQ and non-LGBTQ people alike.” Stanford should distance itself from such junk science rather than lending its name and credibility to research that is dangerously flawed and leaves the world — and this case, millions of people’s lives — worse and less safe than before,” his HRC colleague


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