Tory councillor calls for public burning of John Lewis cards because of gender neutrality


A senior Tory councillor has suggested public burning of John Lewis loyalty cards in a sign of protest against gender neutral clothes the store has introduced recently. Conservative councillor and the Deputy Leader of Portsmouth Council wrote on the store’s Facebook page advicing a customer irritated with the new policy to organize a mass protest. “I agree with you. John Lewis has turned itself into a contemptible politically correct joke. My advice? Try and get a few people together then film yourself burning [the loylity cards] and send it to the media. Also, make a point of writing to the store and tell them you will never use them again. I don’t shop there anyway, but if I did I’d be an ex-customer now.” Later he commented: “My comments relate to the store’s policy of marketing skirts, dresses and bras to boys. My opposition to this is shared by a majority in this country, yet a loud, but tiny fringe that seeks to eliminate cisgendered behaviour is setting the agenda. I would encourage John Lewis customers to send the store a clear message and if that includes destroying their loyalty cards then so be it.”


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