Anti-gay activist asks to ban kisses on TV


A leading anti-gay marriage campaigner has claimed that kissing is “sexual content” and should not be shown to children as she believed that if marriage equality is legalized there will be same-sex couples kissing on TV and this is a sexual content which is harmful and traumatic for children. According to Huffington Post, she claimed at a press launch: “When parents complained about a picture book shown to children with a same-sex couple kissing, the school said they’ll continue to read the books.” Asked by reporters to explain specifically what was wrong with same-sex kissing, she backtracked and said that opposite-sex kisses should be banned as well, parents should not allow their children to see it.That, to my mind, is sexualised content. I wouldn’t be happy with my children in the early years of primary school being read books with people kissing in it.
That’s my right as a parent to be able to choose when my child is exposed to that.”


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