Australian Christian Lobby: Homophobia does not exist


The Australian Christian marriage lobby have said that there is “hardly any homophobia in Australia,” during a press conference in the wake of same-sex marriage postal vote in Australia. Addressing the crowd of journalists to apologise for hurtful historical remarks the Christian lobby had made about AIDS victims, ACL leader Lyle Shelton said that “homophobia doesn’t exist much” in Australia as far as he may know the meaning of homophobia. “Maybe there are some people who have that, but I think the vast majority of people who are engaging in this debate, from our side, who are concerned, don’t bear any ill will or animosity towards their fellow Australians regarding their gender or sexuality,” the lobbyist added, underlining that there is nothing for him to be afraid or ashamed of and he believes he won’t be affected by the newly-launched safeguard laws for what he said.


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