Far-right leader Pauline Hanson accused gay rights activists of destroying parenting


Australian anti-gay politician Pauline Hanson has accused gay people of wanting to remove motherhood and fatherhood from life and language and that is why she would ignore the postal vote. We are not even surprised. Speaking in Parliament, the One Nation leader used the common ‘No’ campaign tactic of scaremongering by conjuring up extreme social changes which they say could be prompted by a Yes vote and she doubts whether children are taken into consideration. She is afraid that children might be confused when asked to draw mom and dad. But what about orphans or those who are supervised by a single parent? Aren’t they confused? Maybe. But nobody says that it is destroying of parenting, because families are different. Although, Ms Hanson is unlikely to understand it. She asked equal marriage activists: “Why won’t you try and compromise?” Hanson followed up this baseless exercise in creative thinking with a pre-emptive denial of the postal vote’s result – if it doesn’t go her way. “I feel it’s a sham, it’s farcical and it’s a waste of money,” she said about the vote


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