Lesbian women will have more options for motherhood in France

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French lesbians will be able to get pregnant through artificial insemination next year, the country’s government announced. French President Emmanuel Macron stood for the initiative previously saying that he would try his best to make assisted reproductive technologies available for lesbian women. Currently they have to undergo such procedures abroad if they have money for it, although opposite-sex couples are permitted to do it in France. And now, Marlene Schiappa, the minister for gender equality, has vowed that it will happen in 2018. Speaking to French channel BFM TV, she said that getting this legislation passed was “a matter of social justice,” Reuters has reported. “It was a campaign promise. It will be honoured,” she added, explaining that it is likely to go through Parliament next year. SOS Homophobie, a French LGBT group, called for the law to be passed as soon as possible, rather than waiting for next year. In a letter printed in Le Monde, the organisation called it “a health emergency for women.” The group added that this was “not a question of ethics but of emancipation, women’s rights, equal rights and the fight against discrimination.” Waiting until next year meant “running the risk of seeing a wave of homophobia and hatred in the country that we do not want to see again.”


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