LGBT activist Edith Windsor passed away aged 88


The lead plaintiff in the 2013 case which led to the striking down of the Defense of Marriage Act played the keey role in the legal recognition of same-sex marriages in 13 American states and District Columbia which later led to marriage equality being approved on the federal level by the Supreme Court. She died aged 88 in Manhattan on Tuesday, said her wife Judith Kasen-Windsor, but the cause of death was not revealed. The couple married back in 2016 after same-sex marriage became legal in all states. Windsor had filed her lawsuit with a view to getting a tax refund, but the lawsuit went much further than that.
She had been affected by the Defense of Marriage Act which had banned same-sex couples from being recognised as “spouses” in the whole country. Her late wife Thea Spyer, who Windsor married in Canada in 2007 after being together for 40 years, had left her estate to Windsor, but the IRS had denied her the spousal exemption from federal estate taxes, which was then given to straight couples, when Spyer died in 2009.This led to Windsor paying taxes of $363,053 and filing her lawsuit which accused the federal government of singling out same-sex partners for “differential treatment”.


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