New cartoon about a queer bull is out in winter


A new 20th Century Fox film tells the story of a stereotype-defying bull who would prefer making friends with rabbits and smelling flowers rather than to take part in some performances that are typical for bulls. The story isn’t new, though – it was originally penned as a storybook in 1936, called The Story of Ferdinand. The film was considered so controversial back then that it was banned in several countries for being “pacifist propaganda”. It became a book for children and teachers and it is LGBT-friendly. It was then turned into a Walt Disney short film, echoing the same pleasant bull image. “Ferdinand takes the stand all gay kids eventually have to take: ‘This is who I am and I will not apologize.’” writes culture critic Tony Bravo. “[He’s] gone on to become something of a pacifist hero for his refusal to fight, but I think he’s better suited to his role as gay icon: I for one am always inclined to think of that beautiful bull when I stop and smell the flowers.” ohn Cena plays the title role in Ferdinand, which also features voice work from out actors Kate McKinnon and Raúl Esparza. The film is set for release in mid-December, ready for families across the world to enjoy its message.


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