Teen brought up by lesbian moms asks Australia to recognize his family


As voting begins in Australia’s equal marriage postal ballot today, Labor Party leader Bill Shorten held a press conference during which the 14-year-old boy named Eddie addressed the Australian government with a request to allow his two moms to tie the knot. “People who know my family know that there’s nothing wrong with us. We play soccer in the winter and volunteer for the surf club in the summer,” the boy says. He has two parents who love him and each other, so why is this family is less respected than any other? People say his family is not normal and wrong, but what Eddie really believes to be wrong and not normal is not letting people be themselves. “I feel like people aren’t going to vote, like they’re going to throw their ballot papers in the bin. To hear they were going ahead with the postal survey was pretty disappointing. I don’t think we can change the fact it’s going to go out but we can change how people vote,” the boy said.


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