Trans people become sex workers to find money for hormonal treatment


Over 75% of trans people living in Malta cannot afford themselves a proper hormonal treatment and it forced them to sell their bodies. Gender reassignment surgeries, social workers and NGO workers told MaltaToday that “at least 75%” of trans patients consider sex work the only way to pay for the treatment. This work makes them ashamed of themselves and what they do, that is why they often become addicted to drugs and alcohol. As well as using sex work to fund treatments, the Malta Gay Rights Movement (MGRM) said that trans people were turning to online markets where they could get cheaper alternatives. Colette Farrugia Bennett from MGRM said that a good portion of the trans community were “disregarding” prescriptions and advice from doctors “in an effort to get access to treatment as quickly and cheaply as possible”. Bennett added that those turning to sex work were likely to be over 30 and felt “unprotected” by current trans protection laws. Basic hormone treatment can range from €100 to €500 every three months.
Surgeries come with an even higher price tag of €25,000 upward. The health officials of the country are already thinking about possible ways to ease the procedure.


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