British government claims to be unaware of gay cure therapy


The UK government has claiming it’s ‘not aware’ of gay cure therapy in the UK even though the adepts of it discuss it openly in the biggest British media. It is currently legal for unregulated quacks to attempt gay ‘cure’ therapy in the UK although the National Health Trust defines such practices as harmful and uneffective. In a fresh response to calls for a country-wide ban this week, Conservative Health minister Jackie Doyle-Price claimed there is no evidence of “widespread” gay cure therapy in the country and even if it exists they claim to know nothing about it. Ms Doyle-Price’s claim that the government is “not aware” of widespread instances of gay conversion therapy is pretty surprising, just one week after a gay cure therapist was interviewed on Good Morning Britain. The popular ITV show invited Dr Michael Davidson, who claims he could stop people being gay, on air to discuss his practises. Dr Davidson explained that he has a thriving business, explaining: “in the last year I’m seeing up to 14 a week, many of them are in therapy for up to two years.”.


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