Court overturns man’s conviction for wearing a bra


A court has overturned a man’s conviction for wearing a bra in his own home referring to European human rights acts. 41-year-old David Wothersoppon of Rutherglen in Scotland had originally been changed with ‘breach of the peace’ for wearing a bra in his own apartment after a complaint from strangers that saw him through the window. Two neighbors called the police as their children noticed a man wearing a bra. Mr Wothersoppon was initially given an 18-month community payback order, but the ruling was quashed this week by a criminal appeals court in Edinburgh. His legal team had argued that wearing a bra within his own home could not be considered “genuinely alarming and disturbing” or constitute breach of the peace. Three judges at the Appeal Court of the High Court of Justiciary considered the case, and held that his conduct was “weird” but not illegal.


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