Homophobic TV hosts: Irma came because of gays


The Benham twins that are known for their Christian faith has recently made one more ridiculous remark about LGBT people. However we can hardly call it original because of many other Christian leaders that said that God uses natural disasters as an act of punishment for gay people. In the video on Facebook, the Benhams referred to 9/11, saying: “One of the things that we heard a lot sixteen years ago was ‘rebuild, rebuild, rebuild.’ But the word we didn’t hear was ‘repent.’” They added that within these 16 years the USA has completely changed the definition of gender, sexuality, love and marriage, so God had to show His anger.
They ended the video by saying that “God’s blessings are found within God’s boundaries. If you remove the boundaries, his blessings are replaced with burdens. It’s time to restore the boundaries.”


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