Sam Smith was close to quitting music as he was dumped

Sam Smith performs at Qantas Credit Union Arena on December 4, 2015 in Sydney, Australia.

The Oscar-winning singer who recently released a new single Too Good At Goodbyes and revealed that he found inspiration for it in a desperate loneliness, now says that the same feeling once almost took music away from his life. Sam Smith opened up to Sir Elton John in an exclusive interview for the September issue of Attitude magazine that he could hardly write a line after his boyfriend splat from him. Music, which usually was his best cure, did not help that time, he started losing himself and it drove him crazy, so his team had to force him to go back to songwriting (and how grateful the listeners are for it!). Darren Styles, publisher of Attitude said: “Sam Smith’s debut was extraordinary on every level, both musically and in terms of reach and reaction. He is a phenomenon in our community and, faced with the prospect of a global exclusive interview, we needed an interviewer of status who’d walked the same path. It could only be Elton John, who very graciously allowed us to crash his holiday home in Nice as he was as keen to hear the new songs as the rest of us.”


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