Syrian refugees forced to leave Zara shop after facing homophobia


A group of five LGBT Syrian refugees say they were thrown out of Zara shop in Amsterdam, Netherlands, after a homophobic customer attacked them. One member of the group, Tarek Almolki, told Dutch newspaper Het Parool that store staff did not react seeing the act of abuse. Almolki says the homophobe began verbally abusing the group, but Zara employees remained indifferent.The alleged victim says the group was labelled “bad Muslims” and told they “deserve to die” by the man. “He shouted ‘Allahu akbar!’ repeatedly across the store,” Almolki added. After that a physical assault began.“The man tried to attack us several times, spat in our faces and shouted that he was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and he would kill us,” Almoki said. The man then turned on a transgender members of the group – punching her in the face and tearing her dress. He then “screamed that she was a ‘kafir’, an infidel who ought to die.’”, according to Almolki. Eventually security guards get involved in the situation – only to turn on the LGBT refugees. Guards came to the area of the shop the incident had happened in, where they told the refugees they were banned for a year, and police would be alerted if they ever returned.


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