Anti-same-sex marriage posters call gay people terrorists


An anonymous letter posted in Sydney raged against “abnormal same-sex marriage” and called gay people “cutting off genitals terrorists” saying that children are going to be brainwashed about homosexuality and their gender would be changed by force. Earlier in the campaign, a photo of a poster in suburban Sydney went viral, which preached “Stop the F*gs,” showing a drawing of a child cowering from rainbow-striped belts. It claimed that 92% of children raised by gay parents are abused, and 51% have depression, the study it refers to has already been discredited as inaccurate. Another poster found in Brisbane was posted on Reddit, with the slogan “A vote for gay marriage is a vote for child abuse.” The Australian National Mental Health Commission has raised concerns that the debate could have extremely harmful effects on the LGBT community, increasing discrimination and negatively impacting their mental health.


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