Margaret Court dumped as a vice-patron of her club due to homophobic remarks

8th July 1963: Margaret Smith the Ladies Wimbledon Champion for 1963 displaying her trophy. She beat Billie Jean Moffitt (Billie Jean King) in straight sets. (Photo by William Vanderson/Fox Photos/Getty Images)

A famous homophobic tennis legend has been dumped as vice-patron of her club because of her homophobic views, in part comparison trans kids to Nazis and claiming that marriage equality would lead to cancel of Christmas. Court claimed that homosexuality is an ungodly “lust for the flesh”, that LGBT tendencies in young people were “all the devil”, and that older lesbian tennis stars have ‘converted’ younger players in a rant on a radio interview. Speaking to West Australia, Court claimed that she lost the re-election in a “politically motivated” vote which “silenced” her. Talking about being dumped by the club, Court described it as “sad” and claimed that people have no right to defend themselves anymore. Ian Hutton, the president of the club, said that it was not only Court’s backwards views on marriage equality that led to the final vote but also her inability to attend club events.


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