‘No’ campaigners write their massages in the sky


Anti same-sex marriage campaigners in Australia have taken to the skies to tell people to vote ‘no’.The words “Vote No,” were written huge across the Sydney skyline on Sunday morning. On Saturday Coalition for Marriage, the main group campaigning against same-sex marriage, launched their campaign in Sydney, although denied responsibility for massages in the sky. A spokeswoman told AAP, “The sky writing is not organised by Coalition for Marriage,” a spokeswoman told AAP saying it is nothing but people speaking out. It is believed that the sky message message comes from a Go Fund Me page, which raised over $2,500 this week.
The page’s creator, who is anonymous, wrote “It’s time for traditional Australian’s to take a stand! We have been bullied into silence, condemned for our views and ignored and vilified by the media. Enough is enough!” The group writes massages claiming that if God wanted gay marriages he would invent it. The page said it has received “hate and threats” from “those who mask their hate with “Equality”.” The comments include messages such as “I can’t help but wonder if Jesus would be campaigning like this, knowing the hatred and intolerance it would be spreading. I don’t think I ever read about him preaching hate.” Another asked “How do you sleep at night being on the side of hate, fear and division?”At the Coalition of Marriage’s campaign launch, Senator Cory Bernardi said the No campaigner were on the “right side of legal and moral history”.


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