Pentagon allows trans people to elnist military, but notes it is temporary


The Pentagon has issued new guidance which temporarily allows trans troops to re-enlist in the military because they cannot decide how to enforce the ban on transgender militants offered by the POTUS. Defence Secretary Jim Mattis said in a memo to top Pentagon officials that trans troops are not forbidden to serve, at least yet. This means that current trans troops are permitted to continue their service with full access to healthcare, but Mattis insists it would not last forever.The temporary guidance will stretch until February 21, when a final policy on the trans troop ban is reached by the Pentagon. It comes as Trump directed the military to ban trans individuals from enlisting, but allowed Mattis to decide the fate of currently serving transgender personnel. National Press Secretary for The Human Rights Campaign, Sarah McBride, said that it was “clear” that “there is broad opposition within Congress and military leadership to Donald Trump and Mike Pence’s discriminatory attacks on transgender troops”.


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