Trans politician and hger female partner are subjected to hate crimes numerous times in their own town


Transgender councillor Zoe Kirk-Robinson and her wife have been the victims of a string of hate crime attacks due to Zoe’s gender identity. “We’ve had people follow my wife home, throw transphobic abuse at her in the street. We’ve had a load of kids regularly throwing stones at the house and running away,” the trans woman says. She and her wife Jennifer have been subjected to vermal and physical abuse since the beginning of this month. Kirk-Robinson also says there was an attempt to break into her house a couple of weeks ago. Police eventually went to their home and looked at the CCTV footage showing the break-in. They said they did not recognise the perpetrator, but think it may be tied to a gang of youths in the area transgender “We contacted the police not because someone had got in the garden – but because they were threatening to get a gang together to attack my wife,” Jennifer told reporters. Although the police did not arrive. Going on Jennifer Kirk added that there also were bricks and stones thrown in their windows several times and one of them almost injured Zoe.


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