Trump wants a homophobe to rule NASA


The Earth is too small for Donald Trump’s anti-gay views and he wants to expend them into space. Congressman Jim Bridenstine, an Oklahoma Republican, was named this week as the Trump administration’s nominee to head NASA. Such an appointment cause a strong controversy among NASA scientists. LGBT rights groups have also voiced concern about Bridenstine’s conservative beliefs, in part opposition of marriage equality and LGBT rights. In part he once said that “many studies have shown that both a mother and father are essential for raising successful and healthy children”, although being asked to provide at least one of such studies he failed to do so. Sarah Kate Ellis, president of GLAAD, said: “The Trump administration has hired unqualified anti-LGBTQ blowhards from Day One and shown they are more concerned with furthering attacks on marginalized communities than selecting leaders who will better our country. NASA’s Kennedy Space Center released a LGBTQ Pride month video earlier this year featuring LGBTQ NASA employees as well as allies. It is critical for our country’s continued success that NASA employees bring their best selves to work, and that can’t happen when the head of an organization is known first and foremost for being anti-LGBTQ.”


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