Australia business chief says gay people should create a new word for their marriages


The claim comes from Roger Corbett, the former chair of Australian media giant Fairfax Media, which controls much of the country’s news industry. He is also the former head of Woolworths, an Australian retail giant not affiliated with British and American companies of the same name. He says that he is not homophobic or anti-gay, he is ready to support gay people who want to live together as a family but he would just recommend them not to use the term ‘marriage’, as to him marriage is only a union of a man and a woman approved by God. ““Marriage is really a union to provide an environment in which children can be conscieved, born and brought up. It is probably the best arrangement. It doesn’t mean that gay people who don’t have that inclination shouldn’t have the right to have a union of their own that should have equal status, equal recognition in every way, but be called something different,” he says. Gay people, by the way, are able to bring up children too.


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