Mhairi Black defends Susan Calman dancing with a man


Out MP Mhairi Black has weighed in to the row over Susan Calman dancing with a man on Strictly Come Dancing, saying that it is unfair to attack her, as she had no choice who to dance with, so the blame is not on her but on the BBC bosses. Calman supports equality and diversity, she is a part of it – she has a female spouse – she did not betray anyone, the MP insists, adding that she admires Calman as a comedian and believes her v to be a great role model for LGBT youth. She could inspire a lot of people enjoying herself on the dancefloor, and it does not actually matter who she dances with.“I’m rooting for her,” the re-elected MP said, adding, “she has my full support and I think she’s going to do great.”

“Of course, it’s 2017 and it’s about time big TV programmes are fully inclusive of LGBTI people. That includes having same-sex dance partners on Strictly – but the onus is on the programme makers not individual contestants. It’s not a question of being PC or tokenistic – and it’s not just Strictly or the BBC – we have to ask ourselves why same-sex couples and LGBTI people still aren’t being properly included and represented on some of these programmes in the first place. Being inclusive should be the norm – TV should reflect and speak to the full diversity of society, and doing that helps open minds and change attitudes.”


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