Most Northern Irish people are ready to support equality, polls show


Even though the political authorities in Northern Ireland are trying their best to avoid same-sex marriages being recognized, it is impossible to say so about the people of the region. Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK which does not have same-sex marriages recognized. Polling from Lucidtalk found that 61 percent of people want to hange it and to have marriage equality recognized.Just 32.5 percent believe “the current NI law should remain as it is”, permitting civil partnerships but refusing to recognise same-sex marriage. The polling found that support was highest among Republicans, who believe that Northern Ireland should break away from the UK or join a united Ireland. 91.4 percent of Republicans support equal marriage, with just 4.7 percent opposed, despite the prevalence of traditional Catholic voices. More than a half of those who want Northern Ireland to stay in the UK do not want NI top have same-sex marriages approved. Although equal marriage enjoys overall support in Northern Ireland, the likelihood of it becoming law in the region is distant due to ongoing political challenges.


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