Muslim radio host Maajid Nawaz slams caller that urged to stone gay people


The LBC radio show hosted by Nawaz received a call from a listener named Aisha during the discussion of terrorism and radical Islamism. Aisha said that she did not support liberal views and believed homosexuality to be a sin. Nawaz asked the caller if she “aspired to a Sharia state that will criminalise and outlaw homosexuality” and Aisha said ‘yes’. “You aspire to a caliphate that would criminalise and punish homosexuality. Do you aspire one day to a Shari compliant state that would punish adultery?,” the host asked then. “If it the necessary principles were in place then I would agree with that,” Aisha answered. “I think adultery is disgusting,” the reply comes. Then he asked her about the punishment which she considered acceptable for homosexuality and adultery. Aisha refused to respond but Nawaz insisted. “It’s stoning to death, I’m not trying to avoid your question,” she finally says. The host clarified: “You believe in stoning people to death?” “It’s in the Sharia,” Aisha confirmed, “In principle. But I don’t believe it would ever happen.” Nawaz launched into a rant about why the caller’s belief did nothing but harm public opinion of Muslims. “The ideas and values you believe are worse than Tommy Robinson’s. They’re worse than the EDL. They’re definitely worse than the populist right, Trump, the BNP because these people don’t go around advocating by law murdering people for personal choices. They may have unpalatable ideas but you idealise murdering people for making personal individual choices that happen not to agree with your definition of God’s law and that can never be part of the solution,” he finished.


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