Queer students president’s death causes riots


Violent protests broke out at a peaceful vigil held for an LGBTQ student who was shot dead by campus police last night, as we reported earlier today. Scout Schultz was shot to death on Saturday. Students gathered yesterday evening at 8 pm to hold a vigil for Schultz, who was a fourth-year computer engineering student but the march went into a violent riots. A police SUV was set on fire and two officers were injured with one requiring medical treatment at the hospital. Georgia Tech University issued an emergency alert and asked student to stay inside. Three people were arrested and charged with inciting a riot and battery of an officer, however it is not clear if they were students at the university. One witness, Kris Harris, said that “it wasn’t Georgia Tech porters it was people outside of Georgia Tech”. An attorney for the Schultz family issued a statement which asked protests or Scout’s death to “do so peacefully”.


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