Human Ken wants to turn into human Barbie


Rodrigo Alves has committed himself to a heavy price tag as he has undergone 60 cosmetic surgeries and hundreds of other aesthetic procedures to become a living incarnation of Ken doll. But it is not enough and he wanted to change himself further. The television personality has now hinted to Italian media that he aspires to have surgery on the one part of his body that surgeons never attempted to change – his genitals. But Rodrigo says that one day, when he grows old, he might change gender and become a Barbie. However, the star admitted that his addiction to his appearance requires a lot of attention as he is breaking apart and has to pick up the broken pieces – and sometimes it is not just a metaphor. Alves is starting to see the physical affects his lifestyle is having, he has made a conscious decision to stop having some of the procedures he regularly relies on, such as liposuction. “I’m saying goodbye to liposuction. I’m not saying that I won’t have another facelift when I want to or hen I need to, I’m just changing my lifestyle which means a good diet and for the first time in my life, facing the gym,” he said.


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