The only trans school in Indonesia reopens


The only trans-inclusive Islam school in Indonesia has re-opened after transphobic religious groups forced its closure. The school closed in February 201 after a local hardline Muslim group pressured authorities to shut it down uniting with other anti-LGBT Muslim groups. Shinta Ratriset up the school in her home in 2014 after the founder of the school died. She wanted to create a safe space for transgender people who want to be educated at the basic principles of Muslim faith. Shinta, told VOA that the closure was nothing but a “hiccup” in the 9-year history of the school.She quietly re-opened it in July 2016 but is now more vocal about the school being open as she wants to help more trans folk who may not know about the venue. Now, Ibu Shinta estimates that similar services are operating in eight provinces but hopes to soon “map” all similar participants and services in the whole country


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