Doctors destroy trans people with the lack of education


The UK’s National Health Service helps trans people with hormonal supply, surgery and advice. The General Medical Council also has an online guide which contains advice for doctors about how to work with trans patients because they are often simply unaware of the mental, physical and psychological problems such people face with as they try to become a part of society, Steph Kyriacou wrote for Pinknews. Trans community tries to change the situation by itself but it gets even worse, they need professional help[ and they often don’t know where to get it. They face a lot of ‘how’ – how to change name and gender markers in the documents, how to take hormones, how to apply for the surgery. When a trans person applies for a new passport, the passport office requires a doctor’s letter confirming that the patient is trans and that the transition is “permanent,” but not all doctors know how to write it right and it may cause misunderstanding. Along with passport forms being amended to include all necessary information for people changing their gender markers, professionals also need to be made aware of the requirements for people who are transitioning.


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