Politician tried to mock ‘wear a dress’ charity day but came under fire himself


The leader of Australia’s Conservative party tried to attack a school for inviting kids to wear fancy dress for a charity day but did not receive the reaction he expected. Senator Cory Bernardi, the leader of the Australian Conservatives, took to Twitter to attack Craigburn Primary School in Flagstaff Hill, South Australia, as it asked pupils to wear dresses celebrating charity fundraiser day. Student leaders at the school decided to raise funds for an organisation that supports the education of girls in poor countries – by taking part of the ‘Do it in a Dress’ campaign. For one day all students were invited to come in wearing a dress and donate money. The campaign did not go down well with Bernardi who opposes LGBT rights n general and same-sex marriages in part. He tweeted: “One school in SA now has ‘wear a dress day’. This gender morphing is really getting absurd.” The fancy dress fundraiser recieved a groundswell of support after the Senator’s tweet was picked up by Josh Thomas, a comedian who created one of our favourite gay TV shows, Please Like Me. Thomas wrote: “These kids are being bullied by Cory for trying to help underprivileged girls. Presumably Cory had basic comprehension skills. He read this and purposefully misrepresented the intent. Again: these are kids doing charity They’ve even made space for boys that don’t feel comfortable wearing dresses. These kids were being sweet, compassionate and kind. Their cause is worthy. I’m going to donate $1000 to support them.” With such a support the school funded 10x more money than it was originally planned


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