Russian footballer was asked about sexuality the rudest manner ever


The interview was published on and featured Russia forward Nadezhda Karpova, 22, who signed recently to Valencia.The woman was asked if she had a boyfriend. The interviewer asks: “As far as I know, I have never heard of you having a boyfriend.” Karpova responded that she is a footballer, not a reality star, so her private life is not the point. But the interviewer asks again whether she has a boyfriend and when she says that she doesn’t at the moment, the interviewer asks if there are any lesbian football players in Russia. Karpova says she doesn’t know of any but says she doesn’t spend social time with any other footballers. Then, after the interviewer says the next question will be their last, they ask her: “Are you a lesbian?” She replies: “No. I never have been. Why is this so intriguing to everyone? What is this gimmick? In Russia they love money and personal life, or is it like this everywhere?”


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