Star Trek: Discovery stars open up about show’s same-sex love plotline


Anthony Rapp and Wilson Cruz are playing a loving couple in the new Star Trek TV series. Upcoming series Star Trek: Discovery, which is set to debut this week on CBS All Access, is set 10 years before the events of the original Star Trek series. It was announced earlier this year that the show will feature a gay couple onboard the starship. Rent star Anthony Rapp will play science officer and fungal expert Lieutenant Stamets, while Wilson Cruz will play his partner, medical officer Dr. Hugh Culber.And ahead of the premier the actors discussed their characters’ adventures. This is a gay mix-raced couple which is for the first time in Star Trek history and the actors feel great responsibility. Rapp said: These are just factors and then you get to know us as human beings on the ship as all the other human beings on the ship are. We are also colleagues. He’s a medical officer, I’m a science officer, and our work intersects sometimes. All that stuff is just part of the fabric of it. I believe everybody will be happy with the humanity of how our relationship is expressed. The storyline affects our relationship, and the relationship may affect some decisions that are made, but the fact that it’s two men in a relationship is not the focal point of any storyline”. Cruz added: “It enrichens the storyline. The crux of my journey is how I balance my responsibilities as the ship’s doctor with my responsibilities to the person I love, and how those two ideas can come into conflict at times.”


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