Will Young says Strictly Come Dancing same-sex couples rant is insulting


Will Young has criticised the idea gay Strictly contestants should form couples with pro dancers of the same sex.
Will danced with professional Karen Clifton on the 2016 series of the show, but quit after three weeks. As a gay man he saw nothing wrong in dancing with a female dancer and believes such experience to have been wonderful. Comedian Susan Calman has been criticised by some for wanting to dance with a man on the show though she is a married lesbian. Addressing the issue for the first time since he left the show, Will told HomoSapiens co-host Chris Sweeney: “You’re occupying your male sexuality whether that is gay or not. When I danced with my partner Karen [Clifton], we did the Tango to David Bowie – it was our first dance. I bloody loved it! It was all about a connection. I didn’t try and pretend that I wanted to screw her, I was just taking on the character. And I think actually I would find it more insulting if someone was like, ‘ You’ve got to dance with a man because you’re gay’. It’s the same as acting, it’s like, no, I don’t!’” “I loved being close to a woman,” he explained. “I was like, ‘This is great!’ And she’s a lot lighter to lift than a man – I mean I could not have done that Bollywood Salsa with a man who’s 13 stone. She was light, she was like a panther – and then I quit! Well, to be honest, I’d reached the zenith of my ballroom career,” Will Young says.


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