Chinese wins a court battle after being subjected to ‘gay cure therapy’


A state hospital in China has been banned from forcing a gay man to undergo conversion therapy aiming to turn him straight. The claimant Yu Hu, was forced by his relatives into the care of the psychiatric ward of his local hospital in Zhumadia after his wife found out he was cheating on her with a man. Although it was not actually a cheating because Hu was already preparing for the divorce. But instead of accepting it the wife put him into a rehab. He was stripped naked, mocked, and forced to take medication without even being examined.33-year old Mr Hu said that his boyfriend asked gay rights volunteers to help free him, and they then asked local police to investigate, stating that Mr Hu was being held involuntarily. They had him released after 19 days. The initial verdict from June ordered the hospital to formally apologise to Mr Hu, along with paying £560 in fines. The hospital issued an appeal but it was dropped this week.


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