Ellen DeGeneres helped trans militants the way she could


Ellen DeGeneres had an amazing surprise for a transgender military couple who may lose their jobs because of Donald Trump and his ban on transgender military officers. Married couple Logan and Laila Ireland, both of whom are transgender, built a successful military career. Laila Ireland served in the Army for 12 years, while Logan is an active-duty Staff Sergeant with the Air Force. The couple explained to Ellen that they had been planning to adopt a child – but now their parenting is in danger as they may sty workless. But the golden-hearted TV host ensured them that they will have no financial lack and they can complete their family. “I know you want to adopt a child but that’s been put on hold, because depending on what this decision is from the President, you may be out of a job and you were worried about money. It’s a really tough thing to decide to adopt a child right now. Shutterfly loves helping people tell their inspiring stories, and they want to give you a cheque for $25,000 to help you,” Ellen said.


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