Pizza shop responds to homophobic billboard nearby


The Coalition for Marriage, the primary anti-gay marriage lobbying group in the country, had paid for a billboard in Launceston, Tasmania to urge Australian to vote ‘no’ in the marriage equality postal vote in Australia. Wiseguise Pizza, the restaurant located right next door, gave their own answer to it.With permission from the management, they decided to add to the message – painting the words “…to pineapple on pizza” on the restaurant wall right next to the billboard.Managing director Alex Jones said he had been worried that the anti-gay marriage sign would scare away customers, who would wrongly believe his shop had endorsed it and they are out of politics, they just make pizza, with or without pineapple. “It’s the Australian way, you know, to take an issue that’s got a lot of people divided at the moment and make it a little bit more light-hearted. Obviously we’re big believers in freedom of speech, and we’re very lucky that we live in a country that allows us to be like that,” he added.


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