The police officer who shot and killed an LGBT student had not undergone crisis training


On Saturday night, 21-year-old Scout Schultz was shot dead after approaching campus police officers at Georgia Tech. And it has been revealed that the officer who shot them was not taught about how to react in crisis situations. Violent protests broke out on Monday at a vigil held for Scout, with a police SUV set on fire and two officers injured trying to solve the conflict. The victim’s mom asked the policemen why they did not avoid shooting her child. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), which is looking into the incident, revealed that the officer who shot Schultz is called Tyler Beck, and said he has been placed on paid leave. Vernon Keenan, director of the GBI, said the training educates officers on how to deal with situations when facing someone in “psychiatric crisis.” He added: “The objective is to de-escalate a situation and hopefully minimise the potential to employ force.” Authorities say such kinds of training are not obligatory.The attorney for Scout’s family, L. Chris Stewart, said the officer’s lack of training was “shocking.” He said about Beck: “I knew it had to be something with training or inexperience, and it proved to be true.” The attorney praised another officer on the scene who he said tried to calm the situation down, saying: “He knew it was an obvious mental health situation and didn’t want to take Scout’s life.”


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