These Vintage Photos of Victorian Era Drag Queens will you bowl over!


In actual fact, by the mid-to-late 1920s, a Pansy Craze occurred in New York, London, Berlin and other major cities where gay men dressed in drag and went to drag balls. (It considered that Lili Elbe (he) is the world’s first known male-to-female Transsexual.

The word ‘drag,’ in the most scholars view, applies to the popular lady’s style back in the day. Nothing was too over the top for these disguised trailblazers.

It was in process, however, when it came to public demonstrations of drag. At once Ernest Boulton and Frederick Park shocked London society by daring to walk out in public as “Fanny and Stella”. In these time there were still no laws precluding them from doing that. In consequence, they, and others, were often and often accused with “the abominable crime of buggery”. Before long, homosexuality would be fatefully planted in the minds of people of that era as synonymous with drag.

After twenties, „drag” began its rather quickly deсline. But could soon see their fortunes regenerated by the 1970s when the Sexual Revolution went to full blast. And whereas forty years of conservative cultural norms since the early 1980s, drag has enjoyed a renaissance.


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