A sixteen year old trans has been attacked in Australia


We should protect our families from violence and people create it. It doesn’t matter whether your child is trans or not, none should be attacked because of being trans. The alleged incident took place in Hobart, Tasmania, on Friday afternoon.A 32-year-old man has been charged over the alleged assault on 16-year-old transgender teen Thalia Black.According to The Mercury, Black was allegedly strangled by the man, who yelled abuse about transgender people.

The teen, who is transgender, told the newspaper: “He came up and started to say really horrible things. “I just tried to laugh it off because I’ve dealt with this all my life. “The next thing I know he has his hands around my throat and started squeezing.” Tasmania Police said: “Any violence in our community is unacceptable. Tasmania is a safe place to live and Tasmania Police takes any incidents of violence seriously.”

“If leaders fail to condemn this alleged attack, which was reportedly motivated by Thalia’s presumed support for the ‘yes’ campaign, they increase the chances of similar attacks on LGBTI people in the future.” The activists added: “We call upon the broader community, regardless of their views on marriage equality, to stand side by side with us to provide LGBTI people with support and safe spaces during what is proving to be a difficult and stressful time.”

Last week former Australian PM Tony Abbott claimed to have been assaulted by a supporter of same-sex marriage, also in Hobart. The man responsible later insisted he dislikes Abbott for other reasons and that the assault had “nothing to do” with equal marriage.


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