Australians, who live or travel overseas, can now vote on marriage equality as well as residents


Australia continues to be a newsmaker since a postal vote on marriage equality had been launched in the country. While a survey is in process, many countries, LGBT communities, celebrities and other allies are expressing their support for Australians in words and actions.

Recently, the Australian Bureau of Statistics has informed the publicity that from this time a postal survey on marriage equality is opened for those Australians, who live or travel overseas. It becomes accessible thanks to online voting, which opened its lines on September 25, 2017.

To leave an online vote, overseas voters have to fill in an online request form or call the Information Line. After this, voters get an email or SMS with the unique 16-digit Secure Access Code, that provides extra-secure measures to keep the voting being unsophisticated. For those Australians, who want their voice to be heard “out loud”, there is an option for the survey to be completed online by calling the automated telephone service. Besides, for overseas Australians, the Australian Bureau of Statistics provided an online FAQ page, where answers on most frequent questions about the survey can be found. It is necessary to remind that all the surveys must be completed before November 7, 2017, as the results of the postal vote is promised to be released not later than November 15, 2017.


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