Gordon Thomson, a star of soap opera Dynasty, has come out as gay


Gordon Thomson is a Canadian actor, most famous for the role of Adam Carrington in the American prime-time soap opera of the 80th – Dynasty. It is a paradox, but Gordon’s character Adam was a homophobic, villainous dude. Besides the Dynasty, Gordon Thomson also appeared in other famous soap opera of 90th – Santa Barbara, as the third actor to portray the character of Mason Capwell. Anyway, actor’s success as Adam n Dynasty remain unrivalled after the role in Santa Barbara and after the roles in other series, such as The Young and the Restless, Passions, Sunset Beach, The Love Boat and Beverly Hills.

Until September 25, 2017 actor’s personal life was in the closet and his fans had only speculated about Thomson’s sexuality. And finally, at the age of 72, famous actor Gordon Thomson came out as gay. When being asked why he hadn’t done it earlier, Mr. Thomson explained: “When I was growing up it [homosexuality] was a crime, and then classified as a mental illness. It was not until Pierre Trudeau was prime minister of Canada when I was 23, 24 years old, did it cease being a crime, and it was not until I was nearly 30 that it stopped being classified as a mental illness in the U.S. So you’re dealing with that. And the shame, the breathtaking lack of self-esteem, has only just begun to seep out of my soul”.


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